Logo di AdnexorADNEXOR, the tool that provides you only impactful ads to HELP HOMELESS PEOPLE OFF THE STREETS.

Connect the ads you see with funding NGO and non-profit organizations projects.

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Positive Impact Ads Only

Make the difference in your browsing experience with new technology.

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Empowering Users

Regain control of the attention, which everyone on the web is constantly trying to capture.

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End-to-End Solution

Built to reinvent web surfing and make free donations effortless.

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You can contribute to an important cause and make a difference in people's lives.

You can participate in the relief of your local community and feel part of a movement for change.

An easy-to-use experience that changes the way you view advertising, giving it an additional meaning.

People Aided

Transform lives by providing support to homeless individuals and families.

Use ads to level up the human condition by helping provide access to food, shelter, and basic needs.

Riabilitate people in need by supporting community programs that aid in job training and education.

Provide mental health and addiction support services to transform and improve lives.


Improve public spaces for better quality of life for people and the well-being of the community where they live and work.

You can contribute to creating safer and welcoming neighborhoods for all residents through community-based programs and initiatives.

You can promote a sense of community and engagement, encouraging an indirect but active participation in public life.

You can support and protect the efforts of NGOs and NPOs, to maintain the goals they have achieved, giving them the possibility to advance towards future ones.


Adnexor is an impact-driven AdTech startup. It uses a browser extension that allows users to support NGO and NPO programs and initiatives by viewing ads while browsing the web. Every time a user views an ad, a portion of the revenue generated goes towards supporting organizations and charities.
With the goal of empowering the user, who selectively chooses to see only positive impact advertising or none at all, we aim to make it a useful tool that requires no effort and is free.
Partner brands launch advertising campaigns to be viewed by Adnexor's users. Websites that join the initiative spread this advertising. A portion of the advertising campaign budget is directed towards a connected project of an NGO/NPO. Naturally, at least initially, there will be low levels of distribution that are acceptable, which will increase in a directly proportional manner to the number of users in the community.

The main goal of Adnexor is to solve the issue it faces, hoping to become unnecessary as soon as possible.

To discuss investment opportunities and learn more about our company, please connect with us at: